Baow Lai Ltd. is a part and product provider located in Taichung, Taiwan. With our ability to coordinate the capacities of local suppliers who have high-standard craftsmanship with our manufacturing and assembly capability, we have provided products and components for leading companies in domestic appliances industry since 1999. 

In 1999, company PSI was co-founded by Brenda Chang and Leo Fu as a consulting company, by helping worldwide customer’s find the correct part from Asia, and providing consultation and examination services utilizing Taiwanese at-the-time great but hard-to-go-out manufacturing power. With it’s success in the next few decades, current BLL was founded by Brenda and Kevin Chang in order to provide customers with extended one-stop service, by providing customers not only the correct part, but also help them minimize the effort of manufacturing by providing a combined OEM solution. Today, BLL ships components and product to the most well-known companies worldwide including those in Japan, Germany and USA with the highest quality standard request. 

Our Advantages:

Are you looking for an OEM Partner?

BLL is looking for partners that have product idea and need someone to help them realize it. With our several advantages and services that you can leverage from, we are confident that your request and demand can be satisfied by choosing to work with us.

Dedicated Team


Product Service


Our commitment to your business


We ensures that a seamless communication between both parties is in place and update you proactively on parts, status and delivery, and make sure your problem is solved.

Inventory Management

Count on our low minimum, short lead time and fast deliveries to make sure you can receive the right item at right time in the right amount and right quality.


We apply strict quality control to the products and make sure our customers are satisfied with what they receive. Quality reports are also provided.


Highly flexible in fulfilling customers’ requests, this includes appliances investment, examination request, customized business model and more. We make sure customers’ receive add on value that worth the price on each project.

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