BLL provides not only optimized components, with our in-house assembly lines, we also help customer assemble the parts into sub-assembly or final shape. With our skills and standardized production process, we are able to manufacture complex assemblies with assured quality level, no matter in short runs of production or series production. Our assembly line is capable of manufacturing sub-assembly product as simple as two plastic wheels combined using an air pressing machine, to product as complicate as a precision coffee grinder with combined testing and result validation abilities.

Advantages you gain from our experiences:

We provide competitive price yet ensure a high standard of product quality. Comparing to other countries in Asia, to source from Taiwan reduces your risks in many aspects, such as political factors, quality concerns or taxes. Semi-knock down part purchasing also help you reduce your labor cost in domestic production line, but at the same time ensure the finished product is classified in the desired country of origin.

Our Commitement to Your Business


We ensures that a seamless communication between both parties is in place and update you proactively on parts, status and delivery, and make sure your problem is solved.

Inventory Management

Count on our low minimum, short lead time and fast deliveries to make sure you can receive the right item at right time in the right amount and right quality.


We apply strict quality control to the products and make sure our customers are satisfied with what they receive. Quality reports are also provided.


Highly flexible in fulfilling customers’ requests, this includes appliances investment, examination request, customized business model and more. We make sure customers’ receive add on value that worth the price on each project.