BLL’s components are extraordinary for their quality and durability. With our capability to apply mechanical or chemical surface processing technologies, our components can be used as part of a complex functional assembly or as the surface part of a beautiful product.

Our components made of zinc alloy or stainless steel are especially utilized in building grinder gear box and housing, and aluminum alloy parts in where they can be seen by taking the advantage of it’s fine surface and light weight such as grip, handle or cover. A wide range of plastic made product can also be seen in our portfolio.

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Case Studies

Grinder Housing Casting

It is crucial for the housing of grinder be made with precise concentricity and durability to fit the burr and resist vibration. Aluminum alloy is especially ideal to fit that requirement utilizing materials strength and it’s comparatively light weight than other metallic materials.

These housings and cover were first made with die-cast and then mechanical process involving lathing, drilling and reaming for it to fit the purpose of installation. 

Spindle & Burr Holder

The burr holder of coffee grinder is a very crucial part as a small deviation can result in an uneven delivery of powder. The spindle of burr holder is firstly cut from steel rod with CNC machine, then hobbed after heat treatment is applied to form a hard surface, so it would not decay even with consistent contact with motor.

Spindle is then inserted in the burr holder tooling before casting hence no other bonding technology is required to connect the shaft and holder, with this a very strong connection between two components can be ensured, and a durable product with high level of stability is made.


When it looks simple doesn’t mean it’s production is simple either. The making of transparent and flawless hopper takes a few tooling technologies to realize, including hot runner and flow distribution plate designs to ensure that each corner of the die can be feed with an even distribution of plastic fluid, the distribution rate needs to be controlled in a precise manner especially in such limited inner volume to avoid premature cool-down, which can most of the time causes the color deviation.

Not only that, the inner surface of tooling needs to be polished and special demoulding technologies need to be considered to avoid the occurrence of pin marks and surface damage caused by smaller  demoulding draft angle. We are experienced in making transparent food-grade plastic hopper or containers such as milk box, refrigerator fruit box and many more items.

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Front Panel

The essence of appearance part is that it needs to look pretty; in other words, the surface cannot have scratches, scars, or any form of unwanted marks. The front panel we provide is made firstly by plastic injection. Cleaning and pretreatment are required before going in coating lines. With our strict quality control, we ensure that all the parts go out are free of damage.

Not just panel, we have provided several appearance parts to customers with all sorts of color, gloss level and specification requirements made from different materials. Check on our surface finishing page for more information.


The valves for coffee machine constantly have boiled water flowing through, meaning it’s extremely important that it’s made of sustainable food grade material. Using stainless steel and processing by investment casting technology fits the need for producing complex shaped and food safety compliance components. The valve’s tool is firstly made, then through the processes of wax injection, stuccoing, dewaxing, casting and shell removal, an initial object is formed. Together with later deburring and CNC machining processes, finish good can be completed with high specification precision.

A wide ranges of products can be found in our portfolio using such techniques including valves, connectors and fittings.

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