Prototyping helps engineers on testing a concept, evaluating a new design or enhancing precision. In the development of a new product, there can be several engineering changes during development, by realizing concept with mock-up samples helps project team safe cost on tooling, reduce lead time and accelerate development.


With experience in realizing several concepts for our customers, we can quickly provide mock-up samples with 3D printer, plastic block machining, metal machining, metal welding, metal bending and offer different surface finishing possibilities upon request.


Complex Prototyping


The smooth edge is created by cutting bending area into zigzag shape then welded together to prevent material overflow after bended.

Metal Parts Mock-up



A raw bean hopper mock-up sample is made by welding top, middle and lower sections of bended metal pieces. A wire drawing surface is also applied for better appearance.

Plastic Parts Mock-up


Most plastic parts are materialized by injection which requires a tool. However, before the investment, we also offer our customers the possibility of making plastic prototype parts for their assessment.


Plastic mock-up parts are usually made by 3D printer, or by machining a plastic block into ideal shape.

Drawing Realizability Check and Feedbacks

Initial assessment on realizability possibility and feedbacks

Budget Analysis and Recommendations

Provide quotes on best approach or recommend alternations

Development According to Design

Access to a wide span of technologies within our network

Production-oriented Finishing

Materialize concept in production-oriented finishing

Motion Control Devices


With our built-up supply chains on motion control devices, we also take on strategic sourcing to help customers find the ideal product for their application.


DC/AC Brushless Motor
Linear Actuator
Centrifugal Compressor