Quality Management

BLL has implemented complete quality management system in order to maintain a consistent and high standard  quality level for the products we provide. With our experiences in kitchenware appliances, we are familiar with environmental regulations and make sure that the parts provided are compliance for RoHS and other environmental regulation.

Not only a strict control of quality starting from vendor site production to the final outgoing quality control we have, we also set up an examination lab with 2.5D Coordinate Measuring Machines  and other facilities in house with access to a wide-range of precision measuring facilities.

A List of Measuring Devices at our Disposal:

How We Control:

Quality is considered the most crucial factor in the supply chain, as a simple mistake can sometimes significantly affect the function of the finish good. With that in mind, we control product quality strictly with multiple stages, starting from pre-incoming spot check, incoming quality inspection, processing quality inspection to outgoing quality inspection in order to make sure our customers are satisfied with the product they receive.

Quality Control

Quality Report

Continuous Improvement

We believe that a strict quality control procedure is the fundament of customer satisfaction 

Examination Lab:

A temperature-controlled examination lab is set up in our facility in order to instantly perform product conformity and dimensional check. We also strictly control our IQC and OQC processes to make sure customers receive only conforming products.