Cultivating in coffee industry for years, BLL worked with the leading brands in the industry and provide a variety of mechanical components which require precise dimensional accuracy and durability; not only that, we have been chosen to supply appearance parts with unblemished look such as chassis or front frame of espresso and automatic coffee machine attributing to our competence of providing parts made of all different materials as well as the wide variety of our processing and surface finishing technologies.

For interior parts, we have provided different parts such as plastic injection molded parts, die casted aluminum housing, zinc alloy holder; for exterior parts, we provided parts like anodized handle, powder coated chassis, backalite front frame and parts made with stainless steel and others.

Fully Automatic Coffee Machines:

Espresso Machines:

Coffee Grinder:

Others than components, we are also experienced in OEM manufacturing of household coffee grinder, manual coffee grinder and coffee brewer. We are also looking to expand our business to other sectors at any time and welcome any potential project. Contact us now and see how we can work together