We materialize customer’s complex concept from drawing to physical product through tool design and making. A tool is a set of hollowed metals that set the shape of the product, made of different materials including aluminum, steel, alloy or copper depending on their purpose. Since the design and quality of tool have direct effect on final product, it is crucial for supplier to understand the functionality and always make sure that the right type is used. With our experience in developing more than thousands of components, you can rely on us to successfully develop the tool that perfectly reflect your design and requested specification. 

One most economic way to phase in mass production is to produce with tooling, with that integrated in our supply chain, we provide high-precision tools made with high-quality materials. We are capable of providing tools with different functional design.

We are also specialized in complex injection molding tools technology, with multi-functional features integrated possible.

Our tools can be used for different requirements including punch pressing and plastic injection molding, and they are made with possibility for future modification to best fit customer’s product flexibility requirement.

Out-of-Tool Component Gallery: